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The Honnen Pledge

At Honnen Equipment we give you more. The Honnen Pledge defines all the extra value you receive when you purchase a new & qualifying piece of John Deere equipment from us. It's our commitment so that you can relax and know that we are working for you.

INCLUDED John Deere basic manufacturer warranty. Basic warranty and Honnen Pledge run concurrently.

INCLUDED A comprehensive new machine walk-around and orientation at the time of delivery.

INCLUDED Travel time for all warranty related field service calls for the balance of the John Deere basic manufacturer warranty period.

INCLUDED Guaranteed service response time for down machines within 1 business day of notification to our field service personnel.

INCLUDED A loaner machine if your machine is out of service longer than 48 hours from the initial call to our service department during the John Deere basic manufacturer warranty period.

INCLUDED Parts & Service Support 24 hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week (not subject to emergency service call fees).

INCLUDED Guaranteed 24 hour parts availability on all consumable, periodic service and repair parts that can be installed in less than two hours or the cost to ship the parts to you will be free.

INCLUDED A 25-point inspection at the end of the basic manufacturer warranty period.


Pledge is only valid on machines sold by Honnen Equipment & located within Honnen Equipment’s AOR. Service response time valid during normal business hours: Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Loaner machines will be like models when available. Customer is responsible for pick up and delivery of loaner and / or machine transfer freight. Loaner usage and terms subject to all standard Honnen Equipment rental & demo guidelines. 24 Hour parts availability is for parts critical codes 11,12, and 14 only.

Rev. 3/12/2020