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Articulated Dump Trucks

Articulated Dump Trucks from John Deere - Find ADT specs, compare Deere Trucks against the competition, download an articulated truck brochure.


John Deere backhoe loaders improve profitability by maximizing productivity and uptime.

Crawler Loaders

Unsurpassed visibility, spacious cabs and easy-to-operate controls make these tracked loaders stand out. Learn more about features and compare specs.


When we set out to design the world's best dozer, we put contractors like you in the driver's seat. Explore the K-Series Large Crawler Dozers features and specs.


Discover John Deere excavators: Construction-class models, and production-class excavators for all of your excavating needs.

Tractor Loaders

View tractor loader specifications and to compare John Deere Tractor loaders against the competition.

Wheel Loaders

John Deere wheel loaders are fast and strong power loaders that carry a perfect hybrid of efficiency and productivity.

Motor Graders

Choose from full-featured Grade Pro (GP) models with state-of-the-art fingertip armrest controls. They let you decide how the work gets done.

Scraper Systems

Scraper Special Tractors from John Deere are excellent for moving dirt. Attach 1 or two scrapers to the back of the tractor and move dirt quickly and efficiently.


At Honnen Equipment we give you more. The Honnen Pledge defines all the extra value you receive when you purchase a new & qualifying piece of John Deere or Hitachi Construction equipment from us. It's our commitment, so that you can relax and know that we are working for you.

INCLUDED John Deere / Hitachi basic manufacture warranty. Basic warranty and Honnen Pledge run concurrently.

INCLUDED A comprehensive new machine walk-around and orientation at the time of delivery.

INCLUDED Travel time and labor for all warranty related field service calls for the balance of the John Deere / Hitachi basic manufacture warranty period. *See terms for mileage limitations.

INCLUDED Guaranteed service response time for down machines within 1 business day of notification to our field service personnel.

INCLUDED Shield Basic parts kit provided for initial 500 hour service at no cost, in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Fluid sampling kits may be processed through Honnen Fluid Analysis.

INCLUDED A loaner machine if your machine is out of service longer than 48 hours from initial call to our service department during the John Deere / Hitachi basic manufacturer warranty period.

INCLUDED Parts & Service Support 24 hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week (not subject to emergency service call fees).

INCLUDED Guaranteed 24 hour parts availability on all consumable, periodic service, and repair parts that can be installed in less than two hours or the cost to ship the parts to you will be free.

INCLUDED A 25-point inspection at the end of the basic manufacture warranty period.

John Deere Construction Equipment For Sale

Honnen Equipment is your stop for new John Deere construction equipment in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. With all the new construction equipment and technology from John Deere, get your job site as efficiently as possible. New construction equipment includes dump trucks, backhoes, excavators, and more. Our experienced team will ask you the right questions to help you narrow down the right size equipment for your operation. Come to any of our 11 locations to experience quality customer service when purchasing or financing John Deere construction equipment.

Dump Trucks Available Near You

Dump trucks are your perfect tool for transporting materials around and off your job site. With multiple John Deere dump truck models available, select the one right for your line of work based on payload and capacity. The 260 P Tier offers a rated payload of 53,334 lbs and a heaped capacity of 19.6 cu. Yards. When looking to get the most work done, choose the 460 P Tier. It has a whopping rated payload of 92,195 lbs and a heaped capacity of 33.4 cu. Yards. Other models between these two sizes help with medium-sized jobs and are available at Honnen Equipment.

John Deere Backhoes and Excavators

For the ultimate flexibility of John Deere equipment, get any of their line of backhoes. The 310L is excellent for more minor uses of excavation and loading, completing your work, and maneuvering around the job site. The 710L Backhoe provides a larger bucket and dipperstick digging depth, with 5.26 meters of depth possible. Use it for trenching work, tearing down small walls, or even snow removal in the cold winters. Contact Honnen Equipment in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho for more information on John Deere's backhoes and excavators.

Scrapers and Tractor Loaders

John Deere Scrapers and Tractor Loaders are available for sale at Honnen Equipment. Prepare your job site for an even distribution of soil with the 210L tractor loader. Its breakout force is 8,245 lbs, offering 5,575 lbs in lift capacity. Use this tractor to load up dump trucks quickly and easily or even backfill holes on site. Known for their high versatility and ease of use, see how John Deere tractor loaders can maximize your output.

Heavy Duty Bulldozers

Get your construction ground ready for work with John Deere Bulldozers. Great for earthmoving, leveling, road construction, and more, this construction equipment is essential for your arsenal. The 450 P Tier crawler dozer offers high maneuverability and access to tighter spaces, with 86 inches of track on the ground. Medium-sized jobs can be tackled with the John Deere 750L dozer, with various uses available. Financing is available on all our John Deere construction equipment. Speak with our professionals to set you up with the newest John Deere bulldozer today.