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Connected Machine Service Support

Machine Technology

Your fleet management and maintenance team gain twice the bench strength when Honnen Equipment and your machines are connected through remote diagnostics (enabled by JDLink) – the advantages to owning John Deere just got a lot more compelling.

With John Deere’s exclusive remote diagnostics, we can diagnose problems with your machine and initiate solutions without visiting the job site. Your machine sends an alert, Honnen reviews the data, and contacts you to discuss the proper course of action. Proper diagnosis allows us to provide a one-trip fix by ensuring the technician arrives with the correct parts and tools for the job.

diagnostic trouble codes
Our service departments can remotely:

  • View, clear and reset diagnostic trouble codes
  • Record machine parameters (temperatures, pressures, rpm, etc.)
  • Perform controller software updates

(Limited to Remote Certified controllers and payloads that
do not require calibration.)